The MOT is designed to examine some important safety and emissions aspects of your car's operation to see that they meet certain legal requirements. Cars and light commercial vehicles must be tested when they are three years old and annually thereafter. Now at pit start we have a dedicated MOT testing area and fully authorised testers for all makes and models (class IV, light V and VII). You can call us to book your MOT test in advance or just drive in and get your certificate while you wait. Our registered members will receive reminders so that you don’t forget when your test is due.

We have a comfortable lounge area where refreshments are available and from where the MOT tests can be viewed.


Pitstart Members £35

Trade £35

Public carriage office badge holders (mini cabs) £35

All cars and vans £54.

The Test

The information below is provided by Direct Gov

The MOT looks at some important items on your car to see that they meet key legal requirements at the time of test.

The body and vehicle structure
Is free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas and there are no sharp edges likely to cause injury.

The fuel System
Has no leaks and the fuel cap fastens and seals securely. The fuel cap will need to be opened so be sure the key is available.

The exhaust emissions
The vehicle meets the requirements for exhaust emissions, dependant on the age and fuel type of the vehicle.

The exhaust system
Is secure, complete, without serious leaks and silences effectively.

The seat belts
All belts installed are checked for type, condition, operation and security. All compulsory seat belts must be in place.

The seats
The front seats are secure. Front and rear backseats can be secured in the upright position.

Components to be inspected

The doors
Latch securely in closed position. Front doors should open from inside and outside the vehicle. Rear doors may need to be opened to gain access to testable items.

The mirrors
The minimum numbers are on the vehicle, their condition and security.

Load security
Boot or tailgate can be secured in the closed position.

The brakes
Their condition, operation and performance (efficiency test). Note the removal of the road wheels is not part of the test.

The tyres and wheels
Their condition, security, size, type and tread depth. Spare tyres are not inspected.

The registration plates
Their condition, security, characters correctly formed and spaced.

The lights
Their condition, operation and security. Headlamps for aim.

The bonnet
Securely latches in the closed position.

The wipers and washers
Operate to give the driver a clear view ahead.

The windscreen
Its condition and the driver’s view of the road.

The horn
Operates correctly and is of a suitable type.

The steering and suspension
Are of a satisfactory condition and operation.

The vehicle identification number (VIN)
Is on vehicles first used on or after 1 August 1980. Not more than one different VIN is displayed except on multistage build vehicles.

Service and Repairs

Pit Start is the only garage in the UK that carries out all repairs and servicing in full public view. You are allowed to go into the work area and inspect the work while it’s being carried out by our professional and experienced mechanics. Our unique public liability insurance allows you to monitor the work and therefore providing complete transparency.

You are not at the mercy of your mechanic anymore. You’re in charge.

Servicing Includes

Standard: 1 hour - £50+

  • Change engine oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Check all lights
  • Check tyre pressure and tread depth
  • Check washer jets and wiper blades
  • Check all fluid levels

Premium: 3 hours - £150

  • Change engine oil
  • Top up of all fluids
  • Change oil filter
  • Change air filter
  • Change fuel filter (if necessary)
  • Change pollen filter
  • Check all lights
  • Check washer jets and wiper blades
  • Check tyre pressure and tread depth
  • Check exhaust systems
  • Check and test brake pads and shoes
  • Check the steering for any play
  • Check seatbelts and adjust if necessary
  • Check horn
  • Check all mirrors

As well as the above we offer:

Full valet service is now available for £70

Exhaust & catalytic converters
We replace exhaust and catalytic converters for most makes and models as well as vans. From £50 an hour.

We investigate, diagnose and repair most electric faults. From £50 an hour.

General mechanical works
This includes anything from changing a clutch to gear box or an engine. From £50 an hour.

Classic car restoration and services
We scout throughout the UK as well as Europe to find the classical car of your dreams as well as carrying out full body and mechanical restorations. We specialise in Mercedes Benz. Price on application.

Parts & Products

You can order your parts at pitstart via a direct line to Euro Car Parts and have them deliverd at no extra cost we also have a comprehensive shop on e-bay selling second hand parts at unbeatable prices here

Engine Oil
Grade Notes Price Quantity
10/40 s/s - £2.00 Per Litre
15/40 m Mineral £2.95 Per Litre
10/40 s/s Diesel £3.50 Per Litre
5/30 s/s - £3.50 Per Litre
5/40 f/s - £3.70 Per Litre
10/40 f/s Diesel £7.00 Per Litre
0/30 f/s Long Life £7.00 Per Litre

Gearbox Oil
Grade Notes Price Quantity
EP80 W90 - £3.20 Per Litre
ATF-Q3 Dexron 3 £3.80 Per Litre

Other Fluids
Product Notes Price Quantity
Brake Fluid - £2.50 Per Topup
Antifreeze Blue £2.00 Per Litre
Antifreeze Red £2.50 Per Litre

Bosch Batteries
Product Notes Price Quantity
S3 001 - £37.00 each
S3 004 - £47.00 each
S4 004 - £57.00 each
S4 013 - £87.00 each
S3 012/09 - £42.00 each
S3 013/09 - £42.00 each
S5 075 - £71.00 each
S3 065 - £47.00 each
S3 063 - £36.00 each

Product Notes Price Quantity
16" - £3.50 each
17" - £3.50 each
18" - £3.50 each
19" - £3.80 each
20" - £4.20 each
21" - £4.30 each
22" - £4.90 each
24" - £7.50 each

Product Notes Price Quantity
5067 - £2.90 each
BKUR6ET - £3.60 each
2288 - £3.10 each
2330 - £1.70 each
2397 - £3.40 each
3007 - £1.60 each
3047 - £1.60 each
3121 - £1.70 each
3191 - £1.90 each
3377 - £3.60 each
5061 - £3.10 each
5093 - £2.70 each
6953 - £2.40 each

Fitment Notes Price Quantity
H1 - £2.70 each
H4 - £3.00 each
H7 - £3.50 each
P21W - £1.00 each
P21/5W - £1.00 each
PY21W - £1.00 each
R5W - £1.00 each
W5W - £1.00 each

Cleaning and Treatments
Product Notes Price Quantity
WD-40 100ml £2.00 each
WD-40 250ml £3.00 each
Brake cleaner - £1.99 each
Degreaser - £6.00 each
K-Seal - £10.99 each
Liquid Gasket Triplex £7.99 each

Product Notes Price Quantity
Nuts, Bolts and Washers - £0.20 each
Sump Plugs - £2.50 each
Sump Plug Washers - £0.20 each
Jubilee Clips - £1.00 each
Latex Gloves - £1.00 5 pairs
Car Fuses - £0.20 each
Exhaust Clamp - £1.20 each
Heavy Duty Gloves - £2.50 each
Overalls - £20.00 each