Self Service

Pit Start is Europe’s first self service garage.

Upon arrival you will be greeted by a member of our staff. They will enquire as to the type of work you intend to carry out and designate a bay accordingly. Both bays and four posts lift can be rented by the hour. You will then be escorted to your bay/lift and shown where the tools are and if relevant how the lift works.

All available tools are free of charge.

We sell oils and all other basic fluids. If you require parts we can help to arrange delivery within the hour. Should you get over your head during your visit we have a local mechanics directory available.

Be sure to ask our staff about our membership scheme and regular offers!

If you have any questions please refer to our FAQs below or give us a call.

Please note that a drivers license must be shown at each visit.


Bay with Tools
Term Price
Hourly £10
Daily £50
Weekly £250
Monthly £800
3 Months £1,800

Bay with Lift & Tools
Term Total Cost
Hourly £20
Daily £80
Weekly £500
Monthly £1,600
3 Months £3,600

Tool List

Tool hire is subject to availability

Engine Diagnostics Computer

41 Piece Socket Set
For bays without lifts

64 Piece Socket Set
For bays with lifts

Ribe Bit Set
61 Piece for Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and others

Allen/Screwdriver Bit Set
93 Piece

Camshaft/Flywheel Holding Kit
8 Piece

Oil Filter Wrench
65-14F, 68-14F, 65/67-14F, 76-14F, 76-30F, 73-14F, 75/77-15F, 93-15F, 90-15F, 100-15F, 74/76-15F, 80-15F, 80/82-15F, 93-36F

Oil Filter Wrench
Plastic Strap

Oil Filter Wrench
Chain Type (130mm)

Oil Filter Wrench
Metal (100mm)

Sump Plug Key
10mm Hexagon, 14mm Hexagon, 12mm Hexagon, 3/8” Square, 8mm Square, 17mm Hexagon, 11mm Square, 8mm /5/16” Square, 1/2” Square Audi/VW

Oil Drain Pan

Flexible Funnel

Force Feed Oil Can

Hard Hat

Dust Mask
Disposable dust Mask

plastic safety goggles

Engine Crane
1 Tonne

Engine/Transmission Stand
450 Kg

Vertical Transmission Jack
600 Kg

Trolley Jack
3 Tonne

Exhaust Stand

Bottle Jack
4 Tonne

Cordless Drill

Angle Grinder

Metric Box Spanner Set

Hex Key Set
10 Piece Metric T Handle

Hex Key Set
10 piece

Self Grip Pliers
Mole Grip

Various sorts

Water Pump Pliers

Flexible handle
Flexible Socket handle

Wheel Nut Wrench
Four way

Adjustable Wrench
Pipe Wrench

Adjustable Spanner

Ring Spanner Set
8 Piece

Combination Spanner Set
14 Piece

Socket Ratchet

Socket Extension Bars
Assorted length

Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench

Ratchet Ring Wrenches

Wheel Wrench

Inspection Bars

Screw Driver Plain Slot
Various sizes

Philips Screwdriver
Various sizes

Pozidrive Screwdriver
Various sizes


Jump Start Leads

Spark Plug Wrench
T Handle

Spark Plug Wrench
Long Reach T Handle

Spark Plug Cleaning Brush

Inspection Lamp

Wheel Ramps

Axle Stands

Ball Joint Seperator

Ball Joint Puller

Ball Joint Seperator
Fork Type

Gear Puller Large & Small
2 Leg

Gear Puller
3 Leg

Coil Spring Compressor Set

Feeler Gauge Set
32 Blade

Brake Cylinder Seperator

Wire Strippers

10 Tonne Press
For pressing suspension bushes e.t.c.

Air Gun with Preasure Gauge
Only for use on bays with lifts

Air Wrench Set
Only for use on bays with lifts

Nail Punch Set
4 Piece

Die Set
6 Piece

Tap Set
6 Piece

Tap Set
10 Piece

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a self service garage?
It’s a carefully laid out space with all the necessary garage equipment and tools where individuals can carry out repairs and service their own vehicles.

Has this been done before?
As far as we know Pit Start is the first major self service garage in Europe.

Are there franchising opportunities available?
Franchise opportunities are available. Please call 020 8827 1919 for information.

Do you have diagnostic tools?
Basic diagnostic tools are available however if you require anything more comprehensive then we can outsource this to a third party. The maximum charge for thi service is £60.

How many bays do you have?
There are a total of 20 bays available.

How many four post lifts do you have?
There are six bays available with four post lifts.

How much does it cost?
You only pay £10 per hour for standard bays and £20 per hour for the bays with lifts. There is a minimum 1 hour charge that applies.

How much does it cost to hire tools?
There are no charges for hiring tools we do however ask you to join our free membership scheme and leave either your driving licence or a £100 deposit.

What days are you open?
We are open 7 days.

What are your opening hours?
We are open 24 hours. Please be aware that if you plan to visit us between 10pm and 8am a reservation must be made.

What is the capacity of the four post lifts?
4 tons

What type or size of cars can get on it?
Anything from a Smart car to a Hummer.

Can vans use the facility?

What type of vans can use it?
Small vans and transit vans can use the bays and the lifts but the long transits can only use the bays, anything bigger and we can’t help you.

Are there any restrictions on engine capacity?

What tasks can I carry out?
Depending on your skill anything from servicing, changing brakes, exhaust, transmission and engines.

What tasks can I not carry out?
You can not carry out any works that relates to fuel tanks or welding or spraying.

Do you have mechanics on site?
We have trained mechanics on site, please see our servicing and repairs section for more information.

Do you have specialist tools available for every car?
We provide all the basic tools if for example you need a tool for a 57 Cadillac then the answer is no, however you can always improvise using few basic tools to make one that suits your purpose.

Do you have promotional offers at the moment?
Please check the Special Offers tab for current promotions.

Do you have any membership schemes?
We have various schemes available. Please call for details.

Can you issue MOTs?
Yes we have a dedicated MOT testing area and fully authorised testers for all makes and models (class IV, light V and VII). You can call us to book your MOT test in advance or just drive in and get your certificate while you wait. For more information please visit our MOT page.

Do you sell parts?
We have a direct line to Euro Car Parts and all parts can be delivered within 60 mins however they are usually delivered in 30 mins.

Do you sell oil and fluids?
We sell all the basic oils and fluids.

Do you fit car audio systems?
We can fit your audio system if you dont want to do it yourself.

Can you provide repair estimates?

Do you have manuals available?